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Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Descriptive essay is a close related to adjective words. this essay always use to describe people, place, an incident or accident, and also things. Now, I am going to write an essay describing a person.

Family is the crucial and important element in my life. They are my strength when there are any problem  that slam my world and I could barely say that they are my life in this long way journey. Somehow my mother is the person I loved the most in this entire world. People are used to recall the face of my mother's face when she was young everytime they looked at me. Because from my earliest years I was  very much like my mother, and hardly at all like my father or older sister. My mother said it was because we were made just the same, she and I - and it was true we both had the same peculiar eyes a sort of beautiful in the world. Instead of being dark brown like everyone elase's my mother's eyes were a translucent grey, and mine just the same. When I was six. I told my mother I thought someone had poked a hole in her eyes and all the ink had drained out, which she thought very funny. Besides mother have a pouty mouth which I keen to see. My mother is not just beautiful, but she comes with the lovely qualities of mother. She always comfort me in every way that she find me down. Sometimes, mother show her love by correct my manners and show the best example to all her children. For instance, she always teach us to respect the people who are older and do love the young. No matter it is, I love my mother and I want to take care of her for the rest of my life.  

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